POS Software


Our state-of-the-art POS (Point of Sale) system is the perfect cash register solution for your sports facility. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily process sales, serve customers, and manage your finances. Our intuitive operation streamlines your workflow, saving you time and effort. Plus, our system offers detailed reporting and analysis, giving you a comprehensive overview of your sales and financial performance. Experience the convenience and reliability of our POS system today!

Simple employee management

Staff planning

Streamline employee scheduling with our user-friendly employee planning tool. With our system, you can easily and clearly organize employee assignments and maintain an overview of your team. Our employee planning feature allows you to control working hours, optimize employee deployment, and increase motivation. By using our staff planning feature, you can quickly and easily plan shifts and coordinate your team efficiently.

Ticket sale

Online Tickets

Sell tickets for your sporting events quickly and easily with our online ticket system. Our platform is user-friendly and enables you to publish and sell tickets online, eliminating the need for on-site sales. Additionally, our system offers extensive evaluation options to keep you updated on your ticket sales.

Course planning with trainer integration

Course booking

Easily offer courses for online booking on your website with our user-friendly system. You can effortlessly manage and book courses, while your customers can easily register from the comfort of their own home. Our intuitive system comes packed with numerous features to help you successfully market your courses. Don't wait any longer - give it a try today and experience it for yourself!

Sale of vouchers

Voucher shop

Would you like to give your customers the opportunity to redeem vouchers with you? Then we offer the perfect solution for you! With our online voucher sales, you can offer your customers a convenient and secure way to purchase and redeem vouchers. Our system is easy to use and offers numerous possibilities.

Perfect warehouse management

Warehouse management

Take your warehousing to the next level with our professional warehouse management services. Our team will support you in organizing and monitoring your warehouse stocks, ensuring seamless operations from storage to order picking and documentation. With our expert assistance, you can optimize your warehousing processes and achieve your business goals more efficiently.

Plan your routes

Routes management

Plan your climbing routes like a pro with our innovative route management. Use our simple and user-friendly platform to create, manage and share your routes. Give your climbing gym unique challenges and inspire your guests with varied climbing routes. Discover the ultimate solution for optimal route management and enhance the climbing experience of your visitors.